Dr. Maneesh Rai, Dentist, Bhopal


Treatment Photo Gallery

Damaged front teeth repaired with two Ceramic Crowns

Upper Ceramic Crowns and Lower Ceramic Bridge produce a new look

Large space between front teeth filled with ceramic crowns

Large space between front teeth filled with Composite fillings (Bonding)


Ceramic Crowns correct staining and gaps between teeth


Ceramic Veneers


Ceramic Veneers correct smile

Teeth Whitening


Full Mouth Rehabilitation 1



Silver Amalgam v/s Tooth Colored composite filling

Direct Composite Bonding


Ceramic Crowns (Posterior)


Anterior Ceramic Crowns

Dental Tooth Implant


Orthodontic Treatment Case 1

Orthodontic Treatment Case 2

Orthodontic Treatment Case 3

Orthodontic Treatment Case 4

Traumatised Maxillary Incisor Crown